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Ten Great Banian Waste In Industrial Usage Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends.

Even though recycling cotton cuts down on the harsh process of creating brand new cotton waste products, it is a natural fiber and is biodegradable, so any banian cotton waste fibers that cannot be recycled or used further can be composted and will not take up space in landfills.

Mainly  cotton yarn waste used in heavy duty industrial areas . Medically, it is used to make absorption cotton, cotton buds and in bandages. It is used in chemical industries for pulp and cellulose production.

Soft absorbent material, highly durable, effective, shrink resistance, easy to wash

  1. Body shops, Automotive Repair, Fabrication, Machinery, Chemical, Furniture Making.
  2. Engineering, Automobiles, Auto Ancillaries, Foundries , General Shop, Industrial Machinery Cleaning, Showrooms
  3. Pharma, printing, Chemical, Oil, Paint
  4. Furniture Making, Textile industry
  5. Steel & Sheet Metal industry, paper, Engineering, oil, paint
  6. Gloves making and chemical industry, Foundries
  7. Chemical and oil spills, polishing, Engineering, Automobiles, Auto ancillary, Foundries
  8. Engineering, Automobiles, Auto ancillary, Packaging industries, Foundries, Oil, Paint, Chemical
  9. Oil and grease applications or in steel making facilities, machine shops, refineries.
  10. Heavy duty application in Shipping, boat, Engineering, General Cleaning.

What are the 4 R’s?

A number of cotton waste cloth prevention techniques are available, and they are commonly summarized as the so-called 4Rs: reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery.

How can I reduce waste?

1). Waste management

2).  Recycling

3). Textile recycling

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